We rank the 100 best 'Key & Peele' sketches … so far

“Key & Peele” fans know that Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele’s genius knows no bounds, which is what made the task of compiling their 100 best sketches on their Comedy Central series so daunting. The show’s four seasons so far span dozens of hours and hundreds of bits, from full-length epics like “Flicker” to the understated moment when a man who knows he’s about to die decides to pour an abnormal amount of sugar into his coffee — because why not?

'The Walking Dead' cast and producers 'excited' to cast Shiva and Jesus

“The Walking Dead” is about to enter its fifth season, and the show has continually strayed further and further from the comic books on which it’s based. Here and there it has nods to the source material, and many of the characters are similar, but everyone involved agrees that the books and the show are on two very different trajectories. Nevertheless, there are characters and plots from the books that are guaranteed to make it into the show.

'The Walking Dead' Season 5: Norman Reedus and Emily Kinney understand Daryl and Beth 'shippers

“The Walking Dead” Season 4 was filled with interesting character moments for much of the show’s cast, especially Emily Kinney (Beth Greene) and Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon). They were forced together by circumstance after the group was ousted from their safe haven in the prison, and as their relationship evolved some fans began to hope for a romantic spark between the two.

'Under The Dome': Rachelle Lefevre thinks Julia will solve the mystery

If there’s one character on “Under The Dome” who has a chance of figuring out exactly what the alien-seeming dome is, it’s Rachelle Lefevre‘s Julia Shumway. The newspaper editor is inquisitive, to say the least, and she seems to be steadily digging her way through every plotline in the whole show — including eventually discovering the fate of her husband, which audiences have known since the show’s very first scene.

Comic-Con 2013: 'Supernatural' Season 9 preview, Felicia Day returns

The final day of San Diego Comic-Con 2013 kicked off with demons and demon hunters as the “Supernatural” panel cast a spell over Hall H in the morning. Series stars Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester), Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester), Mark Sheppard (Crowley), and Misha Collins (Castiel) took the stage alongside Executive Producer and showrunner Jeremy Carver and Executive Producer Bob Singer. Felicia Day (Charlie Bradbury) made a delightful surprise appearance as well.

'Under the Dome' at Comic-Con: Full new episode answers some questions, raises more

Over the previous four episodes the residents of Chester’s Mill have attempted to adjust to life under the dome, an enigmatic and nearly impermeable barrier that inexplicably descended over the town in the first episode. Those not caught up on “Under the Dome,” or who would rather watch the episode unfold on-screen, should avoid the following plot spoilers and skip down to the panel recap below.

Comic-Con: Bryan Cranston gives Season 5 next episode and series finale preview

Fans were eager to catch a glimpse of the final eight episodes, and they were not disappointed. AMC showed the opening scene of the first episode that will air when the show returns on August 11. In the clip, the White family house is abandoned, teenagers using the now empty pool as a skate park. Walt, outside the house looks older, with a full beard and head of hair. His clothes are filthy and his car appears broken down. In the trunk is an arsenal including an assault rifle and crowbar.
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