Why video game cameras seem to always suck

Final Fantasy XV was in development for 10 years. Hundreds, maybe thousands of people across six different game development studios helped created it. Yet its camera — a fundamental part of the way players interact with the game’s world — is severely flawed. The weight on the game’s metaphorical shoulders was enormous — not just for the future of Final Fantasy as a game series, but possibly for the entire future of game consoles in Japan, according to game director Hajime Tabata. And it delivered on its enormous promise in many ways. How is it possible that a game into which so much was invested can have such a seemingly simplistic flaw?

The painstaking process behind making strategy guides, from the guy who’s spent his life doing it

Ancient map-making required mastery over the disciplines of mathematics and astronomy, the means and courage to venture into dangerous uncharted territories, inhuman patience, artistry and attention to detail, and the ability to perch on the cutting edge of every new technological advancement your culture’s most talented minds could muster. David Hodgson’s job is arguably more difficult — and certainly more tedious.

'Absolver' shakes up everything you know about fighting games

There are two main things to know about Absolver: it's visually gorgeous, and its combat will ask more of you than most other games would dare. It’s not just a brutally specific set of controls like the Dark Souls series, or an impressive array of stance-specific combos like in Ubisoft’s upcoming For Honor (with which Absolver shares a small amount of spiritual DNA, as members of developer Sloclap work previously at Ubisoft); it’s that Absolver lets players customize their fighting styles to a degree of detail rarely, if ever, seen in video games.

'The Last Guardian' creator Fumito Ueda is very happy to be finished

The Last Guardian is among those rarest of games — the ones that are in development for years and years (a decade in this case) and still actually come out. Now the long-awaited third title from game design auteur Fumito Ueda is scheduled to arrive Dec. 6, with no further delays. Speaking in a hotel meeting room in Santa Monica, Calif., Ueda seemed simultaneously reserved and excited to get the game out there.
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