The "Need for Speed" Movie is Probably the Best Video Game Adaptation Ever

When EA announced its Need for Speed movie, it seemed like Aaron Paul had made a poor choice for his first post-Breaking Bad role. Video game adaptations rarely attain even passing mediocrity, and the Need for Speed driving game series doesn't even have a plot to begin with. But it may have been that very deficit of story that allows the Need for Speed film to not only be good, but to verge on greatness.

Interview: Will Arnett Professes His Love For "Titanfall", Manages to Seem Even Cooler Than Previously Suspected

We've been to our fair share of cheesy celebrity endorsement events, but Microsoft's recent Titanfall play session with "Will Arnett and friends" was not that. The difference is simple: Will Arnett is actually a gamer, and Xbox is his console of choice. You could tell he was enjoying himself by the way he rushed back to his controller the second our interview was over.

If You Played "Donkey Kong Country" as a Kid You Just Might Love the New "Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze"

Donkey Kong Country is one of those retro video game series that's still just as fun when you play it today. Even the graphics have aged well—of course, it helps that back then they were mind-blowing good. Regardless, these games never get old, no matter how many times you play them. But when Nintendo revived the classic franchise with Donkey Kong Country Returns fans were worried.
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