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Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor Review for Xbox 360

The Steel Battalion series has something of a history when it comes to unusual input methods - the original shipped with a $200 controller peripheral designed to imitate the cockpit of a mech - so in some ways it seems totally natural that a modern-day version would utilize what in many ways is the most advanced control method ever created: Kinect. But then again, "advanced" might not exactly be the correct word to describe Kinect.

Aliens of Mass Effect

In the world of Mass Effect, the Milky Way can seem downright crowded. The game's galaxy is filled with creatures of all sizes and demeanors, from the hotheaded Krogans and humble Keepers to the rare Collectors and reclusive Yahg. It can be hard to keep track of the series' myriad and varied races, whether your Commander Shepard is a seasoned soldier or a relatively fresh recruit who's yet to even don a pair of official Spectre Shades.

How The Vita Can Avoid The PSP's Fate In The US - Cheat Code Central

There's a lot hinging on the Vita's success. We gamers may have short memories, but most of us will recall that Sony's initial foray into the handheld space--the PSP--was the first system in more than a decade to challenge Nintendo's absolute portable dominance. And make no mistake: Nintendo is still dominating that space, especially in the U.S., where it holds 86% of the mobile gaming market, excluding iOS and Android.