'Sons of Anarchy's' Jimmy Smits Talks Nero's 'Turn' as Finale Nears

Sons of Anarchy‘s Nero Padilla isn’t the type of character you expect to stick around for long. When he was introduced in the fifth season of the hit FX drama, the pimp and ex-gangbanger seemed destined for a violent end. Getting with Gemma (Katey Sagal) in a world where Clay (Ron Perlman) was still alive wasn’t a wise move, after all. Now, at the end of Season 6, Clay’s gone and Nero has worked his way into SAMCRO’s heart.

Review | 'Ender's Game'

What happens when the war is over? That’s one question at the heart of Ender’s Game, whose eponymous protagonist remains “the hero” even as his actions veer toward villainy. The film erects some big dilemmas regarding culpability and preventative violence, but declines to offer up any real answers with the omission of a few integral plot points. The characters draw their own conclusions, and the audience is left to pick sides. Technically, Ender’s Game is exactly the right kind of adaptation.