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5 Questions: David Hayter

How did you get into voice acting?
Well, I was—I did an episode of Major Dad. I did a Russian accent and a voiceover director named Gordon Hunt saw me, and he hired me to do Captain Planet. And the rest is history.

Were you much of a gamer before Metal Gear Solid?
Yes. Oh yeah absolutely. I've been playing video games since they invented video games.

What's your favorite memory from playing Solid Snake for nearly 15 years?
Um, my favorite memory? There's a lot! I think it was the time that Jennifer Hale's character Naomi was watching Snake undress after he'd gotten old, and she was crying, and she said, "Shriveled Snake!" just randomly, which brought the house down.

Are you going to miss the role, and will you play Metal Gear Solid V?
Yeah, very much. No. Why? Because it's too disturbing for me to hear somebody else doing the voice of a character that I played for 15 years. It's just—I don't think I would enjoy that.

You wrote the screenplays for the X-Men movies and Watchmen. Have you considered writing games?
Yeah, absolutely. I've actually—I'm actually talking to some companies right now about possibly, you know, writing/producing a game that we can then spin off into movies and television, so yeah. Because I've got sort of a footprint in both worlds I think it's a natural next step.

You're a director now as well. Do you care to make the first great game-to-movie adaptation?
Uh, well let me see, are there no great game-to-movie adaptations? What would be the best? Is there one that's even good? I enjoy the Resident Evil movies, but they're kind of different from the games, and you know…a true adaptation should give you the same experience, just in a different format. And so yes, the short answer is I would love to make the first—or I would love to make the greatest game-to-movie adaptation.